KB’s Bio

Hi! My name is Kate, and I’m a 20-something living down in Raleigh, NC with my baby Stormy. Fur baby, that is. I’m originally from the Philadelphia area, but I’ve lived quite all over – 5 states, 3 countries! Travel is a big passion of mine, along with the features of this blog! I love to build things and work with my hands. I don’t like being bored, and I hate wasting away the weekends so I have become increasingly active in my “projects” as I call them. I moved into a new place recently which has been allowing me to find more things to do to make it pretty and very me. Now the days of my weekends are devoted to my projects, and the nights to social fun, of course. Cooking is something very personal that I use to express how I feel for my friends and family. Food is love! I have a list of “Southern” foods that I need to conquer and I regularly use my friends as guinea pigs for them. So far so good, luckily. I’m also a horseback rider, reality TV lover, fiction writer, deer hunter, shotgun shooter, pick-up driver, Bud Light drinker, country music singer, and compulsive shopper.

I hope you find some things on here that might inspire you to get going on your own projects or help you with a project decision you’ve been wrestling with! I will try to make sure I include the length of time the project took, original instructions, and the total cost for each one that I do. Feel free to contact me with any questions you might have!!




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