The Skillet Caprese Pizza

We typically do pizza on Friday night since that’s how I grew up (holla pizza and movie night! Does your family do that?) but this week I wanted to actually make our pizza. First, I utilized my people resources via Facebook and got two good options: a recipe from a friend and the suggestion to by the raw pizza dough from my local pizzeria. But then I found a recipe on Pinterest (duh) that would allow me to cook the pizza in a cast iron skillet in under ten minutes! Well, I followed their dough recipe and even though it was supposed to rise by double its size….needless to say, it didn’t. By Saturday morning it had risen but it smelled very odd so I said, screw it and we went to our local pizzeria and got the dough for a large pie.

– Pizza dough (whether you use your own recipe of by some)
– Pizza sauce (we used Ragu)

Toppings – since I wanted to do a beautiful caprese pizza I used the toppings below. But you can do whatever you want!
– Buffalo mozzarella
– Basil
– Prosciutto
– Shredded mozzarella?
– Pepperoni?
– Whatever you want!

1. Preheat the broiler on your oven.
2. Lightly grease your skillet. Heat up your skillet for 10 minutes, if it smokes then turn it down.
3. Roll out your dough to the size of your skillet. Mine was being weird so if it’s not perfect, don’t sweat it! I did and it wasn’t worth it.
4. Transfer dough into skillet, and put on sauce and cheese.
5. Let it sit for 3-4 minutes, check the bottom to time. Once it’s getting firmer/more “cooked pizza crust-y” then it’s time to transfer to the oven.
6. In the oven under the broiler leave it for 2-3 minutes on one side, then flip the skillet and do 2-3 minutes on the other side. The cheese should be getting golden brown and bubbly when it’s ready.
7. Take it out and then assemble to toppings, such as bail and prosciutto in my case. It was delicious!



The First Use of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

One of my plans to save money for our house was to re-allocate furniture. My boyfriend had a beautiful bedroom set, but it was a black laminate. It went perfectly with his decor, but black just didn’t incorporate into our (read: my ;)) bedroom plans. Since we (I) wanted to use my white dresser and lingerie chest for our bedroom I planned out how to put one of his two dressers and nightstands into each guest room. Since black still wasn’t in the plans I decided to use Annie Sloan chalk paint since it’s supposed to cover laminate surfaces and without any sanding! That’s what sold me, even with the exorbitant price. For the dresser pictured I used French Linen. I aaaaaalmost got everything covered but I only got one coat on one side if the nightstand.

My boyfriend started on one dresser while I was at work one day and the results freaked both of us out as the paint kept beading together. I was worried we were SOL and had wasted money on it, but he kept on and luckily it worked out for us. I was mostly surprised that with all the articles I read I hadn’t come across this in any of them, though! So I decided to depict my process with the chalk paint so people can be prepared.

The start, drawers pulled out

First coat

Close-up first coat

Second coat

After three coats on the base (mirror has two) plus a few touches here and there

The pup looking for his kitty sister so he can antagonize her 🙂

Some more examples via the drawers. One coat vs two

The final product

The Million Dollar Wreath

I made this wreath simply because it was so beautiful and I just needed it. We don’t necessarily need a wreath for our door, but I used the excuse that we should have one. BUT unless you have a big chunk of extra change to spend or an “in” somewhere with cheap fake apples, I encourage you not to make this. It cost me roughly $150 – and that was $150 I did not really have to put towards this! But I was too deep in and would have wasted the money already spent if I just stopped. My boyfriend is not the hugest fan of this wreath, and he is the one who dubbed it The Million Dollar Wreath since it felt like every two days I would announce that I was out of apples and needed more. HOWEVER it’s absolutely gorgeous and turned out so well we decided to hang it over our TV in the space we’ve been trying to fill! Now we’ll be able to get $150 worth of enjoyment and viewing pleasure 🙂


Things You Need
– 4 bags big apples plus 2 additional singular big apples
– 6 bags small apples
– 11 inch flat foam wreath
– Burlap ribbon
– Fake grass/moss
– Lots of hot glue sticks

1. Cut some burlap into roughly 8 inch long strips. The length doesn’t matter very much, you just want it have enough to warp around the styrofoam wreath a few times.
2. Glue your burlap onto the wreath. When you wrap make sure it’s tight and flat. The purpose of this is so your apples have something to adhere to when you glue them on. Make sure every spot is covered, I even wrapped it with two layers to be sure it was good to go.
3. Break out your apples! I started with my big ones and placed them around on the wreath first to eyeball how I liked them, then started gluing.

4. Keep gluing all your big ones, and then start adding your small apples. In the picture below I was 2 big apples short of having the outer ring completed so I started the small ones on the completed side.
6. Once you’ve covered all the burlap around the wreath start building it up. With some dimension it should look very circular rather than awkwardly wavy.
6. The last thing you will do is stick the fake grass/moss into the holes. This was pretty tedious and because I’m somewhat of a perfectionist I meticulously went around the wreath and shoved moss in every.single.hole. The way I made sure the moss got attached was pretty simple – I would push or aim the nozzle of my hot glue gun into the hole and then shove the moss down in there. Sometimes I had to use some tools to help me shove it in when the hole was smaller than my finger. Pretty tedious, but the result makes it look much fuller and thoroughly perfected! Plus expensive.
7. Before we hang it I’m going to blast it with my blow dryer to get some of the loose moss and hot glue, and then I’m going to do a quick spray with some clear spray just to keep everything set!