The Teacup Ornaments

This was my gift for my other grandmother! Another Pinterest idea (obviously!) but there weren’t real instructions so I won’t send a link. I found the teacups on Amazon and they came in a set of 4. I broke one in the trial run, so I ended up with one less for myself.

What You Need
– Teacups
– Porcelain drill bit
– Ribbon
– Bells

1. You MUST use a porcelain drill bit. Masonry drill bits won’t get you anywhere. I actually broke a drill bit on the trial run! Home Depot or Lowes will definitely have one.

Porcelain Drill Bit

Porcelain Drill Bit

2. Find the center of the cup, and drill. You might want to keep some water running over the area (almost like a wet saw) because the drill bit will get suuper hot. It did take some time, it’s harder than you’d think to drill through the bottom of a teacup.

In process of drilling through

In process of drilling through

All three are ready!

All three are ready!

3. Move onto the ribbon and bell next. Make sure you cut a good amount of ribbon as this is what you’ll use to hang the teacup on the tree. I found rolling the ribbon made it easier to get the bell on.
And then tie a knot about 1.5 inches above the bell so that the ribbon doesn’t get pulled up through the hole when it’s on the tree.

Inside view for the knot

Inside view for the knot

4. This part was a little trickier as I tried getting both ends of the ribbon through that super tiny hole you drilled. I just tried folding and rolling the ends together and pushing it through and grabbing the tiny piece that poked through. You have to get both ends through at the same time because it would be seriously impossible to get one through at a time.
5. Once the ends are through, you’ll make a knot and bow. Make sure it’s very tight so it doesn’t come loose!

6. And if you want, add a little something to the inside!!



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