The Upcycled Vase

I’m waiting for another project to dry and decided you know what, let’s do a quick project in the meantime. I have some fake flowers in a glass vase on my fridge, but it’s always bothered me that they look so fake. I don’t have any marbles or rocks in the vase, so it looks pretty ugly. I’ve seen the idea on Pintrest a lot, and I had a TON of extra twine left over from making the curtain tiebacks. So I broke out the glue gun and got to work.

vase beginning

I started at the bottom and kept the vase turned upside down during the work, it made things easier.

vase during

It took very little time. I did consecutive rings of hot glue for the bottom three layers and for the middle just did a spot here and there, making sure the rings remained tight. When I got to the neck I resumed doing full lines of the hot glue.

vase final

All finished! I like it a lot, and quick crafts are the best! This took all of 15-20 minutes and cost nothing since I used things I had around the house.

vase end


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