The Stick Letter

I saw this idea on Pintrest  and I loved the idea. It goes wonderful with my country chic feel. The only problem was that I couldn’t think of how to get the letter big enough for a big piece of wall-art. I tried free-handing a letter on a moving box but that turned out pretty miserably. I did get this picture, though, and that was worth it.

photo 4

My second plan was to use an outline. So I printed out a big letter, cut it out, and traced it onto a piece of scrap wood I have.


I used my new jigsaw (hehe) and cut around the outline. I was pretty happy with the turn out! Until I realized, “Um, wait Kate. How are you going to cut out the inserts?” I don’t know how to use a jigsaw to get through solid wood with no edge to use, so I decided that since I’m going to cover this with sticks it didn’t matter if I make a cut through the letter to cut out the insert. Well, this was still pretty difficult. Annnnd as I was cutting out the first insert, the letter broke. Ugh. So I decided whatever, roll with it. It actually made things easier anyways. Then when I moved to the second insert I just cut the top in half. Then I sanded it down and made sure everything worked out well when reassembled.

wood B

I used wood glue to put all the pieces back together, let it dry, and then spray painted it black. I wasn’t going to put sticks on the outside or inside because that seems like an extra hassle, and I also figured this might help hide the lines.

spray painted

Once the paint dried, I brought it inside. Then I took some sticks from the pile I collected from my best friend’s backyard, and started assigning them spots on the letter.


I might have brought home too many sticks. I took some of the smaller ones and brought them inside and assembled the sticks in the spots where I wanted them on the letter while I watched silly late-night TV.


Then I brought the letter over to the hot glue gun and removed the pieces by section. I tried to ensure the pieces stayed in relatively the same layout as I took them off the letter. I hot glued them back on while my sweet tea brewed, and added a few extra pieces here and there when I was finished.stick done

It’ll look perfect on the shelf I’m building for my downstairs! I’m glad I spray painted it black, as well, because I have so much white/off white colors in my house that a little darker colors will be nice. Now I just have to decide how to get rid of the pile of sticks I barely made a dent in!

This cost me nothing since I used scrap wood I had, spray paint I had, free sticks, and hot glue I had. It took half a day to complete since I kept getting distracted with other crafts!


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