The Smart Way to Hang Pictures

I am notorious for hanging pictures and then realizing, “Crap. That’s not where I want it to go.” I end up with extra holes that are generally visible. In my last apartment I had so many extra holes on the wall where I hung my picture collection that I tried to sneak by the community by covering them with toothpaste, but they definitely noticed during the final inspection. This time around, I found this super, super smart way during one of my Pintrest browsing sessions. Trace the frame onto some paper, cut it out, hang with tape, and move them around until they’re in the right spot. Who thinks of these things?! I would never in a million years have come up with that idea. Thank you, Pintrest gods, for saving the wall in my stairwell from poorly planned picture holes.


I put this off for weeks because I’m super OCD about this stuff, but I really want to finish the decor in my downstairs so I forced myself to get it done and catch up on Game of Thrones simultaneously. It took a couple hours to move everything around into the right spots. I started with the biggest picture as the centerpiece and branched out around it. Once I hung all the cut-outs I had to match them up to the corresponding sized frame. Since I was using a mish-mosh of different colored frames I also had to make sure the colors were the right mix of colors. It was worth the time!



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