The Shotgun Shell Wreath

I did this project as a Christmas present for a male friend of mine, and I’m still so happy with it. One of my friends just moved out to the sticks and I’m itching to get out to his place to shoot some skeet, in part so I can make one of these for myself!!


I had seen a link for a shotgun shell wreath on Pintrest but it was one of those, “I’ll pin this now and read it later” deals. When I did try to do get the directions from the Pin, it was a broken link. Ugh. I did a google search and finally found a site with good directions for the kind of wreath I wanted to make. This is the site I found:

Before Christmas I went up to my family’s property in upstate Pennsylvania for our annual big paintball weekend and I made my daddy promise to bring his shotgun and lots of rounds so I could collect the shells for free. You could also post a “Wanted” ad on Craigslist. I did this and got several messages but it turned out I didn’t need them. By the end of our skeet shooting I had a MASSIVE bruise on my shoulder, but not enough shells. Our family tries to keep the place nice, so my uncles always pick up their shells and we would also collect them in the woods as kids. I knew there was bound to be a box of them somewhere and I even braved THE SHED in search of them. I emphasize THE SHED because no one is up there about 45 out of 52 weeks of the year and you don’t know what or who might be living in there. It’s a little scary to go into on your own. It’s also packed full of stuff and old junk, so I stood in the doorway and looked for anything that might remotely make me want to go all the way inside. As luck would have it, I spotted a box with “Remmington” on the side – in the very, very back of course. It turned out to be full of used shells! Score. Back to North Carolina we go, my friend. At home I bought a styrofoam wreath at Joann’s, but I’ve since found this link on Pintrest   for making your own, cheaper styrofoam wreath! People are so ingenious.


I asked my friend to send me a picture of the wreath in his house and when I saw the picture above, my perfectionism went nuts and I almost wanted to drive to his house and fix some of the sides that I felt weren’t round enough.

It’s very simple, just a little time consuming, and if you want everything to be perfect like I do – especially a gift – you’re going to want to give yourself several hours to get it done. I hunkered down with a movie and got to hot gluing. I did probably 2-3 layers of shells, so you’ll need quite a few. I tried to get it as perfectly circular as possible, but as you can see in the picture below, depending on how you hold it, one side might not be as well rounded. This cost about $13 because I got the shells for free and had the hot glue gun.


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