The Western Wear Laptop Case

I had a Dell from freshman year of college until midway through senior year when it decided to crash and burn literally while I was typing a midterm paper due that day. I was hitting the panic button big time. I ended up getting a Mac, which meant my (also homemade) Dell laptop case wasn’t going to fit anymore. I found this one and knew I wasn’t going to buy one, but make another, more sophisticated looking one.


I found everything I needed at Joann’s Fabrics and even found that magnificent embossed faux leather on clearance!! I followed the tutorial pretty much verbatim save for a few points. I chose not to do the strap for two reasons: I thought the toggle would get caught on things in my bag constantly and get ripped off, thus ruining the case; and I also misjudged the snugness of the case to where it kind of needs to get shoved in, so it’s not going anywhere. I also didn’t do the side stitching with a sewing machine, but instead chose to do a full basket stitch. I loved the look of it too much.  Note for the basket stitch if you haven’t done it before, watch the video in the tutorial a couple times and do a practice test on some excess felt. If you do choose to do the full stitching make sure you buy more embroidery thread than the tutorial calls for.


^This is what it will look like prior to cutting off the sides and doing the stitching.


^And this is what it will look like when your cat decides it’s the new bed. Mommy was clearly not paying her enough attention while she was sewing.

I don’t remember how much this one cost as I did it a while ago, but it shouldn’t be too much. I’d guestimate it was around $50 max. It took a little while, though, probably a few nights in front of the TV after work, since I had to go slower with the stitching to make sure I got it as close to perfect and even as possible. But I get a lot of compliments on it from TSA agents! 🙂


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