The Present

This post isn’t about a project I did myself but one that I received as a present from my little brother! Crafting is in our blood.


Sorry about the frame not being super centered in the picture. I’m pretty sure he found the idea for this on…you guessed it…Pintrest. He bought an 11X14 frame and removed the glass and backing. He measured string to fit across the frame and dip down just a little. Then he hot glued the ends of the string onto the inside of the frame. He printed out some pictures so that I would have them in there for the present too. Originally he used regular sized clothespins but they were too big. My mom and I did a little research on EBay for crafting-sized clothespins, and of course we found some! They came in a big pack of around 50, so I have a bunch left over.


The frame was originally a dark brown, but I painted it to match the color scheme of my new bedroom. This is also the frame I used as the trial run for the Zinsser oil-based primer (see: Refinishing the Table and Chairs), and you can see the lines left by the paintbrush that I used if you look super close.

This won’t take more than 10 minutes if you leave the frame the original purchase color! And I know Wal-Mart has 11×14 frames for $5 right now, folks!


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