The Boozy Bathmat

Here’s another project I completed a while ago. I found this idea on Pintrest while I was working in a restaurant so I sent out a mass notice to my coworkers to save all wine corks for me. Word got around and one of the ladies I worked with said she had been saving corks for a few years thinking she would do something with them but was realizing she wasn’t going to get around to it, and she gave me a grocery bag bursting with corks!! It was heaven. I still have most of the bag left over for future projects (fridge magnets, I’m thinking, amongst others).

photo 3-1

This one was a tough project because I had to cut at least 175 corks in half. I tried several different tools – pocket knife, Leatherman, steak knives, etc – but a utility knife worked the best and didn’t massacre my hand too bad. But it was still crazy tedious. I would recommend doing it on a rainy day with lots of TV to catch up on.


^ Hating myself at that moment. Don’t go the Leatherman route, your hands will not appreciate it.

I looked around for the base in a couple different places, because I wasn’t thrilled with the directions’ suggestion of a shelf liner. It seemed a little flimsy to me. I absolutely lucked out when I was at Lowe’s one day and found a pre-cut piece of plexiglass in the exact size I wanted!! Yours might have it too, but they will definitely have sheets of plexiglass that you could cut down yourself.I first arranged all the corks on the board to make sure things lined up and weren’t hanging off, and then I glued them on. I used this glue from Target and went through 2 tubes.


Just make sure you peel off the plastic covering on the plexiglass before you start gluing. I didn’t even know there was a cover until I went to glue the little feet pieces to the bottom. I’ve worried for a year about weather the cover would peel off with all my corks still glued on, but it’s still going strong!


I also bought little grippers so it wouldn’t slide around as much. You can get them anywhere, they just peel off and stick on.


This took a solid day of work but only about $20-30 for all the items! And it has lasted for a year’s worth of showers and getting stepped on in boots and shoes with only having to re-glue 2 pieces back on. Pretty awesome, I’d say!


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