KB’s Most Favorite Piece

I’m a country girl, so when I saw the Pintrest idea to use antlers as a necklace holder a while back I was all sorts of all over it. I was on EBay constantly trying to find the right antlers for the right price, because if you didn’t know, they get insanely expensive. (Note: I’ve also found some pretty decent ones in the For Sale section of Craigslist, but I already have two racks in my bedroom and more might be a little excessive.)  I found one rack for $60 plus $13 for shipping on EBay in what looked like great condition, and it had the mount I wanted, just a simple oval shape covered in cream leather and a wood back.

photo 2-1

My goal was to feminize the antlers, and also just make them a little nicer for the wall. The leather on the mount wasn’t in great shape, but that wasn’t an issues since I always panned on covering it. I went to Joann’s Fabrics and bought a handful of fake flowers which I cut to size and then strategically hot glued to the leather mount. It took one evening and I might be most proud of this project more than any other simply because I love it to death. If my house was burning down I would save the following: my cats, my sheepy (don’t judge me I still sleep with my sheep skin blanket in the bed…), and my antlers.

I did use it as a necklace holder by hanging my necklace off the points; but after getting necklaces caught in my curly hair every time I walked by it and even finding a necklace in my hair in the office one day, I decided it was not how I wanted to display my antlers. Now they are above my bed and the focal point of the room. I love seeing them there when I come up my stairs!



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