The Faux Big Window

This is a project I completed two weeks ago right after I moved in, and I unfortunately don’t have any pictures other than the ones here. I found this link  on Pintrest before I even moved and knew I needed to do something with it, but I chose not to do the roman shade because I don’t want to risk my security deposit. I had some gift card money left on my Amazon account so I bought a 48-86 inch curtain rod and 95 inch curtains. I saw the curtains had grommets on the top but  i figured I would just layer them. Wrong.

When I went to put the two curtains overlapping each other it simply wouldn’t work with the grommets. I looked at them for a while and looked at the bottom end, and behold, there was a decent enough hem-line, if you will, to use as the top part. From there I cut off the original top end with the grommets using the seam as a guide and that end then became the bottom (since no one will notice it). I went out to Walmart, got some curtain clips, and then played around with the amount and spacing for a while until I got it to how I wanted it.


I had also previously pinned this link for the tie-backs but for some reason the DIY instructions are not coming up. I will continue to look for them! They’re very easy to make. You need twine and string, two 1 inch rings, 2 clips, and 2 3M Command Hooks. You cut about 18 inches of the twine, fold about 3-4 inches over with the ring in between the folds holding the ring in place, and wrap the string around it from the top where the ring is to the bottom end. On the other end of the twine do the same steps with the clip. Place your command hooks at the height you want the tie-back to sit. Then hang the tie-back over the hook and clip in place!


This took an afternoon, and probably cost $10 because I had the gift cards and already had the string. But now I can get pictures like this!

Stormy in window



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